Dear parents,


The registration form for LPE Summer Camps is now available. Please, find attached the registration form.


To register your camper for this summer and to secure your enrollment to our Summer Camps you need to complete your Summer Camp selection, the registration form and $185 weekly Summer Camp Fee required at the registration. Please understand that because we offer a competitive program, and space is limited, we cannot guarantee space until this happens.


***Register your camper by March 31 and receive $10 off their fee*** 


Return your forms to this address:

La Petite Ecole French Preschool

1101 Clover St in Rochester, New York 14610








Camp D’été 2020/ Summer Camp 2020


Morning Summer Camp 9:15am-12pm

Serving children aged 2 1/2 years to 5 years old



Registration is limited and is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Registration form due as soon as possible.


Circle your selection


            Week 1: Artful Camp (June 15th -June 18th) 

Creativity comes alive! Let’s get gross with exploding art, creepy-crawly crafts, painting with your feet and more silliness. Our LPE Kids campers will get their hands dirty to create volcanic eruptions, homemade play dough, 3D sand art, and more.


           Week 2: Fun and Fitness (June 29th -July 2nd) 


Get ready to participate in our sports buffet where campers get to try out different sports! Campers will exercise their gross and fine motor skills while enjoying a variety of sports and games designed to build concentration, strength, speed, and skill. Join us for a week of fitness fun which includes yoga, obstacle courses, sensory walks, Zumba, and dancing. Learn, play and improve sports skills while having fun



If at any time you are unclear about the registration process, we encourage you to contact us so that we can answer your questions.  





LPE 899-0290

La Petite Éc le

French Preschool 

French Preschool Rochester, NY