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La Petite École offers a great variety of cultural, artistic, and sporting activities as personal development is considered to be as important as academic excellence.

We believe in the child's total development on all levels, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. More importantly, we want children to love learning.


The objective of the French educational system is to enable students to:


  • Express themselves in everyday situations (introducing themselves, greeting people, talking about their hobbies, expressing their feelings and opinions, asking and giving information, finding their way, talking about past events or projects).

  • Understand words and sentences in simple texts, understand simple instructions, and understand and participate in short conversations on topics of everyday life.

From experience, we have found that children starting their language learning at age 2, 3, 4, or 5 are more successful than children starting at 8 or 9. At this young age, they are very receptive to new sounds, which become familiar very quickly. They are uninhibited and quickly become confident and at ease with the foreign language. For these reasons, this program contains many stories, songs, and games. Therefore, children learn the language just like young French children. They will enjoy and repeat these activities, absorbing language as they "play."

La Petite École 

The focus is on creating future leaders within in a warm family environment.



Kari has vowed a genuine and unconditional love to my children in addition to being an exceptional educator. It was a revelation for us as parents and furthermore her qualities offered us a peace without price. France Gauthier, Parent.


She is enthusiastic about the language she teaches and my kids love her. Virginie.L, Parent.


Kari has worked with me for 2 years. She has a vibrant presence in the classroom and knows how to engage kids. As a native French speaker, she brings an authentic learning opportunity to her students. Tracey. S. Middle school teacher at the Harley School.


My kids absolutely love Madame. Kari. She is clearly passionate about her role as an educator. Lillian. G, Parent.


Very good teaching and learning skills with our employees  and Health Care Professionals. Marc Dufresne. Excecutive Director of Sales. Roche Diagnostics Canada.



"Madame Kari is a natural early childhood educator. I have never seen anyone bond so quickly and warmly with young children. She cares greatly not just about helping them learn French (which they do), but also about ensuring that each child develops all the necessary pre-school skills to build a solid foundation for future scholastic success. Her small class sizes ensure that each child gets the attention they need, deserve, and crave. Her parties and birthday activities are a joy to attend and give a good glimpse of regular classroom life for parents and family. I cannot recommend anyone more highly for any parent interested in helping a child explore early bilingualism." Sharon S. Parent.

La Petite Éc le

French Preschool 

French Preschool Pittsford, NY 28 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534 ·




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