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                                  Madame Kari Maaraba is the director of La Petite École. La Petite École is based on a classic French style of teaching. We use expressive language arts and language activities that are structured specifically for young children so that they can absorb and utilize the French language in their everyday lives. Madame Kari has a Bachelor's in Social Communication from the University of Quebec and the University of Paris Sorbonne. She holds a certificate in early childhood education from Rockefeller College, the University at Albany, State University of New York. She is currently completing a certificate of early childhood education in the French method from France.


Madame Kari boasts an accredited background that began in college, where she earned various acknowledgments both as a journalist and writer. She earned special recognition for her pieces on human rights which underscored Madame Kari’s talents and personified her ability to publish her beliefs. In her professional life, Madame Kari started her career as a pharmaceutical representative. And later, she was hired as a bilingual trainer to help pharmaceutical representatives function better throughout their role while presenting inside a cross-cultural, francophone audience.


In 2008, Madame Kari moved to Pittsford, New York, with her husband and children. She began working as a French tutor to young children. Since then, Madame Kari has worked as a substitute French teacher at the Harley School. Finally,  she developed a way to offer the community's children an effective and affordable program that opens a whole new world to them and their parents. 


Madame Kari partnered with Madame Warda Kerou (a former teacher for 17 years under the French educational system) to build a French program that children would love. Together Madame Kari and Madame Kerou created a program teaching young children the French language based on the classic dialect.


Madame Kari is very creative and imaginative, allowing her to be flexible in the personalized lesson plans she creates. She is passionate about the French language and the young children she teaches.


C'est pour moi un grand honneur et privilège d’enseigner à vos enfants. Madame Kari.

"The United States and France consider their children so
important that education is at the forefront in both countries.

Both countries may approach education in slightly different ways,

but the good of the children is of the utmost importance."

Foreign Language Honors Project Mentored by Professor Carol Panaccione.





Early second language study promotes achievement in English vocabulary and reading skills.
(Masciantonio 1977)


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