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WATCH US LEARN! Call 585-899-0290 if you'd like to connect with our team directly. We would love to hear more about your child and are happy to schedule a school tour at a time that works for your family.








Lecture/ Reading

Je lance le ballon/ I throw the ball

Lecture/ Reading

Sounding out words

Math explained in easy language

Our program has been successful at helping kids feel at ease, we strongly believe in tailoring classroom education to fit the individual work habit of each child. Our philosophy is to work individually with each child as we help reinforce their strengths which typically leads to building up the child’s self-esteem. Preschoolers need what we define as “teacher time” in an individual setting. What this means is, children will interact individually with their teacher, in small groups, and with the entire classroom. LPE environment encourages each child to develop their cognitive and social skillset, their language abilities, and their interest in learning new things about themselves and their entourage.  

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La Petite Éc le

French Preschool 

French Preschool Pittsford, NY 28 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534 ·




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